Dietrich Strause & The Blue Ribbons

by Dietrich Strause

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released July 7, 2017

Produced by Dietrich Strause & The Blue Ribbons
Recorded by Sam Kassirer at Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, ME
Mixed and mastered by Paul Q. Kolderie
Design by Dietrich Strause

All songs by Dietrich Strause (BMI)
Ancient Rite inspired by "Spark Panther" by Genna Rose Nethercott

The Blue Ribbons are:
James Rohr (keys)
Jef Charland (bass)
Mike Castellana (electric guitar, pedal steel)
Tauras Biskis (drums)

Thank you to Paul Q. Kolderie, Sam Kassirer, Zachariah Hickman, Lyle Brewer, Billy Beard and Toad, Matt Smith and Club Passim, Chuck Honnet, and the Iguana Fund.

This EP was backed and partially funded by the generous Iguana Music Fund & Passim.



all rights reserved


Dietrich Strause Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Affair At The 58th Floor
Lights went down on the 58th floor he saw flames he heard the bells
She stood inside the golden door in a robe and garter belt

The Harbor Girl the statue-ess the crowned colossal dream
She danced herself to breathlessness in the glow of his plasma screen

He closed his eyes he dreamt the night of the pomp and pageantry
Of the huddled mess the shackled light of yearning to be pleased

She placed her hand upon her breast astride the conquered limb
for hope and truth and righteousness she sang the Battle Hymn

The Exile Mother tempest tossed the lady unfulfilled
with silent lips she whispered soft "I don't love you and never will"
Track Name: Ancient Rite
Out tonight on an ancient rite past the windblown timberline
the belly and teeth, the paws of the beast, run swift, his heart behind
In a lightening strike, flash of light, the wool taken from the fold
by horn, by haste, the prey laid waste, for the hunger we all behold
he waits over her, his heart returns, weeps for the flesh it tore
now the heartful beast mourns the feast of its prey upon the forest floor

Out tonight on an ancient rite in the shelter of the trees
you took my hand to the burning strand the timber fell at our knees
on a night well worn, the cry of a storm, the moan of a love once fled
your windblown eyes I was beneath your thighs pressed upon the forest bed

Out tonight on an ancient rite so swift, wild, free
the heat in your breath, the beat in my chest, just now catching up with me
Track Name: The Water's Edge
I drew a line in the sand to let my heart beat as it can
to prove, to pledge, that love don't stop at the water's edge

You drew a line in the sand to let your heart beat as it can
to be true, to be brave, as steady grows a wild bouquet

Through fire and field, on windblown hills, across the ocean floor
I've come to see that all between's a drop and nothing more

Let's draw lines in the sand to let every heart beat as it can
to be free to be still, to love themselves and who they will

To be arms made open to every broken wreck on the shore
To be eyes to the teary, waves for the weary in swift and joyful storms

Let's lay in the sand, take my heart and take my hand
we'll draw one breath, it's all we have, it's all that's left
swim east, swim west, love don't stop at the water's edge
Track Name: All the Creatures
The day before time was born nothing was peace and quiet
the holy tune shot the moon the heavens began to riot
in a pillar of ash and a thunder crash the sun and stars would rise
and all the creatures in all creation dreamt of walking upright

The desert burned the forest turned to highways deep and wide
the tempest grew and wicked bloomed and watched the water's rise
drowning in the sand and wind were the starving sick and stray
and all the creatures in all creation never dreamt it'd be this way

From the waters we've waded, the fires we faded our flooded hearts run dry
in cries that wake the dreams that break us each morning when we rise
and I lay my head I dream and wonder, naked as all the rest
for all the creatures in all creation, I wonder if I'm doing my best
Track Name: Coronation of a Queen
The King came home today, his ships rolled in the flags were raised
trumpets played from the shore, the fanfare of his wayward war
The rusted line his cavalcade, at the city walls the banners waved
women lined the avenue, throwing ribbons at their boots
One by one soldiers charmed, traded in their coats and arms
the dress is torn the battle lost, kiss the ring with fingers crossed
Alone he reached the castle grounds, at the gate his horse laid down
the garden path now overgrown, his faithless mind was overthrown
By fallen jewels from his crown, his sovereign will that often bowed
to younger hearts on distant shores, the fairer conquests of his sword
Through the halls the echoes led, an empty chamber, empty bed
and when he sat upon his throne, he felt her dagger at his throat
Track Name: Philadelphia
Born into summer, raised on salt in the waves down the shore
My sandy eyed sweet heart, we'd drive for hours or more
At night we'd cross the river, where the boys and girls would play
Where I lost the only one I loved in Philadelphia

Strung out on the avenue with the lonely, sick, and starved
in the South Street, city lights, we'd walk arm in arm
She slipped free in a moment, in a moment all was changed
When I lost the only one I loved in Philadelphia

A shot and shattered window the sirens bleeding through
I held my breath a-runnin' I followed the boys in blue
I fell down to my knees on the street over where she lay
Where I lost the only one I loved in Philadelphia
Track Name: Walking the Waters
Washed ashore in the rising sun, dressed in lace and ribbons and bows
Even just for the day she was, the light of the Ohio
On the banks under stars I lay, in my mind I'm off to see
if that blue eyed wild bouquet, if she still thinks of me

Listen to the waves roll, see the light shine
I'm a son of god's daughters walking the waters, to her tonight

Have the garden and have the fold, dream the dreams, have the fame
and all the silver and all the gold, take my fortune, take my name
all my feathers and wings, the deepest breath from in my lungs
and all the songs I would ever sing, take my hands, take my tongue
all my fur and fleece, all the blood this heart could shed
for I'm a creature made whole, made free, held in her arms again